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Raising Meat Rabbits

Raising Meat Rabbits

Why eat rabbit meat? For many reasons, Rabbit is the single best meat on our planet.

It is the highest protein, lowest fat and calorie meat available. It can be raised inexpensively by almost anyone, city or rural. With the right circumstances, the meat can be raised for next to nothing. It is the most sustainable and ecologically friendly meat. Do you want to eat organic?  Is humanely raised and processed meat important to you? Do you want to raise your own meat but are not in a situation where you can raise cattle or chickens? If your answer is yes to any or all of these questions, rabbit is the solution.


Rabbit meat is one of the most nutritious meats available.

It is high in easily-digested protein, lower in sodium and cholesterol than chicken or beef, and being a white meat, is lower in calories than even white meat of a chicken.  The taste is comparable to chicken, and can be used in almost any recipe calling for chicken.

Rabbits will live and grow happily on a natural-based diet of grasses, hay and other greens, supplemented with grains or grain products and kitchen left-overs. Feeding a rabbit organically is easily accomplished in a small rabbitry. Rabbit pellets are expensive and unnecessary in some circumstances, although rabbits can also be raised quite successfully with a diet of supplemented pellets as well.

Rabbits can produce 6 pounds of meat on the same resources that a cow produces 1 pound, making it a much more ecologically friendly source of protein.

Rabbits can be raised humanely or inhumanely– the choice is yours! Google ‘Factory Farming‘ and spend some time examining the conditions your hamburgers, bacon and fried chicken have come from. Rabbits, unfortunately, can also be raised in factory farm conditions so if you choose to eat rabbit, visit the farm they are coming from- or grow your own.

Rabbits can be raised in an apartment, a city backyard, or in a rural setting. Unlike cattle or chickens, they are quiet, require very little space (compared to larger animals), and are an easy livestock to handle and care for. Supervised children can run a small rabbitry, learning many valuable life lessons while they do so.

In my next post, I will show you my small rabbitry, and give a few tricks to make it easy and fun to raise rabbits!