Get the heck out and VOTE!

C’mon, people- Forget Trump and Clinton. One of them is going to be in the White House, so WHO is going to keep them under control? Remember your high school government class- there are 3 branches of government? Well, in a couple of days you are going to go VOTE. Yes, you ARE! Because you might not be able to stop who bullies their way to the presidency, but you CAN vote for who is going to control that president so they don’t destroy the country in the next 4 years.checks-and-balances

Who are you voting for senator in your district? Who are you voting for local leaders? Are there any house resolutions that affect your state on the ballot? WHAT??!! You don’t know, because all you have been worried about is who is going to be president? Well, leave your pity party. You have very few days to figure out who you are going to vote for (and I DON’T mean for president). You are an AMERICAN. It is your right and your responsibility to get the heck out to the polls and vote. No excuses. Your vote may not count for the president, but it sure does count for who is going to keep the government sane in the next four years.


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