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Giving service (unpaid volunteer work) is what brings joy to many. The willingness to give service to others is what makes a people great. See a few ways that we and our neighbors give service in our communities

Neglect and Consequences

Neglect and Consequences

Sam is an ‘elder’ horse that was discarded. 

I first saw ‘Sam’ several months ago. She was on the thin side and limping a bit, but the new owner assured me that she just needed worming and he would have the farrier out soon.  The farrier20150820_160022 discovered a  3 inch nail embedded in her foot. He pulled it out but told the owner that her foot was probably permanently damaged, and recommended that because she was at least 20 years old, and didn’t have many teeth,  she wasn’t worth saving and should be shot.

In the days and weeks that followed, Sam got thinner and thinner.

The next time I saw Sam, I was shocked- she was a walking skeleton. The hay she picked up just dribbled out of her mouth. The owners fed her bread which kept her barely alive.The owner said he was still waiting for someone to dig a hole so he could shoot her.

In the meantime she was starving to death.


I couldn’t sleep at night. This once-beautiful horse was dying  in pain, of neglect and starvation. I lay awake one night and made the decision- whether I could afford it or not, I would have to take ownership of her, call in the vet, and do whatever was necessary to either save her or have her humanely euthanized. I  knew I did not have the finances to do all that was necessary for Sam, but had the faith that all would work out for her good.

I suppose I did not exactly ask for her- I just told the owner that he was giving her to me.

A few hours later, the vet and his assistant arrived.

After a thorough exam, he said she had a lung condition probably from moldy hay, her heart and body were weak from starvation, and her teeth were so long neglected that she literally could not eat- she was starving to death and her chance of survival was zero without immediate treatment. The good news? She did have all of her teeth, and her foot was sound.


After the vet took care of her badly overgrown teeth, Sam had an immediate look of relief. Weak and starving as she was, she wobbled over to the hay bin and stuck her face in- coming up only long enough to get a drink, and then back into the hay.

The vet was cautiously optimistic.

Would she live? Possibly. 

If she got the proper care and feeding now, and was able to put weight on, she might make it. He gave me feeding recommendations- and his bill. *Ouch*.

We brought her up to her new home.

We have 11 acres, with good pasture on the hillside. She will be able to eat all the fresh feed she needs along with plenty of hay, and get good daily exercise and fresh air. I had two ton of hay delivered, and picked 20150906_164507up sacks of ‘Equine Senior’ grain and assorted horse needs. My husband loves me- and despite NOT loving horses, spent several evenings putting an electric fence up on a small spot so she could have an area to graze in. That is true love 🙂

Update 9/6/15

Sam is very sensitive 20150906_161956on her back- without much flesh over her bones, even a soft brush made her uncomfortable, so we
have had to put off grooming her. Today though, it was time to see what was under the matted hair on her back.

With a super-soft brush and a dog’s shedding comb, I carefully removed all the dead hair- and
found skin, dirt, and 20150906_162832some new hair underneath. How uncomfortable it must have been! An hour of careful grooming, and she looks much more comfortable.

The weather has turned cold…

It is Autumn already, but hopefully it will warm up again for a few days. When it does, she will get a gentle bath to remove the last of the dirt and grime. Hopefully I can get the mats in that mane under control as well…

It is hard to tell, but I think Sam is putting on a bit of weight. If nothing else, her attitude and overall look has changed dramatically. Her eyes are wide open and bright and the shuffling walk is finally gone.

She is becoming a happy horse!

Winter is coming fast, and not only does she need a shelter built-fast- she has to put on a lot more weight before the severe cold hits if she is going to survive.

Update: 9/20/2015

Sam is one of many older horses that have suffered in their old age. After a lifetime of service they are discarded like broken toys. Sometimes their young owners grow up and no longer have time or the desire to take care of them. Sometimes the costs of taking care of a horse become so burdensome that they are sold or given away (as Sam was) to save the money. Many times the horse just can’t take the riding that it could when it was younger- no longer fast and agile in the rodeo ring.

What happens to these older, unwanted horses?

There are a few horse rescues around the country and most, including the ones in Idaho, are full. Many horses are just passed around, like Sam, until at last someone decides to ‘put it down’ or it is abandoned to die. Few horses find a forever, life-long home. It is heartbreaking. I wish I could save them all, but if all I can do right now is to save this one horse, this time, I have made a small dent, a small beginning. My hope is that, like the focus on uncontrolled litters of kittens and puppies has reduced the population in animal shelters, we can raise awareness of the problem of ‘backyard breeding’ of horses.

By sharing this post, you can help spread the message!

Some day, this is what Sam will look like again- healthy and fit

Sam has an Indiegogo Life/Generosity page to help support the needs she will have while she recovers her chance at life.

There are several ways for you to become one of ‘Sam’s Angels’;

  1. Make a donation of any amount!
  2. Share both this page and the ‘Generosity’ Fundraiser page on social media.
  3. Talk to your friends about what you have learned- and encourage them to be involved.                 Thank you for taking the time to make a difference!

Update : 9/22/2015

Many thanks to my son, Daniel, for putting this short video together! I am so grateful for all those who are coming together to save this horses life. We are in it for the long haul. Sam’s Angels will continue to be so very important…

Experiencing the caring of others makes me want to do more, to be more: more compassionate, more giving, more aware of those in need, more caring towards humans and animals.

Update 10/12/2015

Sam’s health is slowly but steadily improving, and she is gaining weight.

Being able to get up on the hill and eat as much as she wants, as well as being able to exercise and be out of dust and blowing dirt has given her a tremendous boost. One exciting update is that her hair has changed. Where a few months ago it was dull, coarse, and lifeless, she has begun growing hair again and she literally shines in the sun. She has a gorgeous reddish-brown coat. It may sound odd, but her smell has changed as well. She has a healthy ‘horsey’ smell now, changed from a musty, unhealthy one.

Our weather has stayed unseasonably warm, which is giving her extra time to put on weight before the cold hits. Although we have not been able to build a shelter, we were able to provide her with a stall inside of a shed. This will get her out of the wind, rain, sleet and snow when that comes. She has been in and out of it numerous times and seems quite comfortable despite it being just large enough for her to walk in and back out. It’s a great blessing that she is on the small side!

Our next goal for Sam is to get her back to the vet to have her teeth checked again- although she can graze, she has difficulty chewing her grain and tough stems of hay. We will get her vaccinations at the same time if the vet thinks she is strong enough. Until next time-                                                                                                                                                                                                  🙂 Margo

I would be grateful if you would once again share Sam’s story all over the interwebs!

Sam now has a Facebook page and a Twitter feed! Please check them out for more updates on her progress:   

This is Sam’s fundraiser page- please consider becoming one of her sponsoring angels:








Today’s recipe: Hawaiian Haystacks- the most apropos recipe I could think of after stacking hay for Sam!


Hawaiian Haystacks
Recipe Type: Easy family dinner
Cuisine: American West
Author: Margo
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Serves: 6 servings
Haystacks- A perfect family or party meal- start with a bed of white or brown rice, add all the toppings that you prefer and a good dose of delectable sauce, and end with a handful of chow mein noodles. Ummmm! Healthy, quick, filling and tasty!
  • 4 cups cooked rice
  • 2 tsp. butter
  • 3 cloves minced garlic
  • 1/3 cup flour
  • 1 can coconut milk
  • 2 cups milk
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1 cup shredded chicken
  • Chow mein noodles
  • Choice of toppings (see below)
  1. Prepare rice and keep warm.
  2. Prepare toppings (See below) and place in individual bowls.
  3. Saute the garlic in butter on medium heat for 1-2 minutes.
  4. Add flour and salt and stir well to make a paste.
  5. Slowly stir in the milk (for extra creamy sauce, use half and half).
  6. Add the can of coconut milk and shredded chicken, and heat through.
  7. To serve:
  8. Place a serving of rice on each plate. Cover with choice of toppings, a generous amount of sauce, and top with chow mein noodles.
  9. Topping ideas: Mandarin oranges, pineapple, chopped green onions, diced celery, slivered almonds, coconut, chopped sweet peppers, slivered fresh kale, sauteed mushrooms, grated white cheese, lightly steamed broccoli, grated carrots, lightly sauteed chopped zucchini, chopped tomatoes, sliced olives

3 Cadets and a Good Man… 3 Кадета и Хороший Человек…

3 Cadets and a Good Man… 3 Кадета и Хороший Человек…

Since my accident and after a 3 month ‘leave of absence’ to recuperate, I have been working in the fitting-room, a podium from which I answer and forward all the phone calls made to the store (about 60 per hour), pass messages between management and associates, prepare all the returned clothing to be put back on the shelf, help customers with questions, and provide rooms for customers who wish to try on clothing before buying. Truthfully, it is not my favorite place to work in the store- it is like walking into an endless pile of laundry each day, never being able to get it completed before the next endless pile is deposited beside the first. However, I am grateful for it. My arm

images Fort Hall in Idahohas not fully recovered and I am still unable to lift boxes or pull pallets as I need to do to return to my previous position, so this is one of very few jobs available in the store that the management could find for me to allow me return to work. After 3 months on leave-of-absence, both my personal hours and vacation hours had been used up, as well as almost all my savings. Getting back to work was critical for our family finances. So, “Thank-you-for-calling-Chubbuck-Walmart-How-may-I-help-you?” is my most frequent phrase these days. После приключившегося со мной несчастного случая и вынужденного трёхмесячного отсутствия, необходимого для восстановления, я теперь работаю продавцом-консультантом в примерочной, где мне доводится отвечать на вызовы, их перенаправлять (всего таких за час набегает до 60), передавать указания руководства коллективу, складывать одежду, которую вернули, для дальнейшей её транспортировки на полки, помогаю покупателям, отвечаю на их вопросы, показываю им, где находятся примерочные. Честно говоря, это не самоё моё любимое рабочее место в магазине, это как если бы вам каждый день давали стирать непомерную загрузку белья, а вы не успевали, и вам тут же давали следующую.  Однако знаете, я благодарна за предоставление мне такой возможности. Моя рука ещё не до конца зажила, я всё ещё не могу поднимать упаковки и таскать поддоны, чтобы вернуться на своё прежнее рабочее место. Так что эта работа  – одна из немногих возможных в магазине, которую мне предложило руководство, что позволяет мне вернуться к работе. После вынужденного трёхмесячного отсутствия у меня не осталось ни отгулов, ни положенного отпуска, как и не осталось никаких сбережений. Моё возвращение на работу имело решающее значение для финансового благополучия нашей семьи. Так, в последнее время, фраза: «Спасибо за Ваш звонок, Chubbuck-Walmart, чем могу помочь?» (название: Chubbuck – региона, Walmart – магазина – прим. переводчика) стала для меня самой употребляемой.

Today a Native American man brought three 14 year old boys over to the fitting rooms. After a several rounds of trying on pants, the boys each chose a pair of navy-blue work pants to go with their official fire-fighting cadet t-shirt and heavy leather work boots. Сегодня коренной американец привёл троих своих 14-летних сыновей к нам в магазин. После многочисленных примерок мальчики подобрали себе штаны тёмно-синего цвет (цвета формы морских офицеров), которые подходили к их парадным футболкам, которые носят пожарные кадеты, и тяжёлым кожаным рабочим ботинкам.

ems_1 fire department
Fort Hall EMS Fire Department

As the other boys were taking their turn trying on pants, the very polite and respectful young son of the man accompanying them explained to me that they were cadets in the Shoshone-Bannock Indian Reservation fire department. He told me about climbing the  fire-ladder that afternoon- he was still a bit nervous about it, but knew he would get accustomed to being up that high and continuing to climb even when the ladder swayed high in the air. Пока другие мальчики были в примерочной, перебирая штаны, самый почтительный и вежливый из них (сыновей того человека, который пришёл с ними) объяснил мне, что они кадеты отделения пожарной охраны резервации индейцев Шошони-Бэннок. Он рассказывал мне о том, как взбирался по пожарной лестнице сегодня днём, он всё ещё был взволнован, но знал, что привыкнет к такой высоте, и будет продолжать взбираться, даже если лестницу раскачает в воздухе.

His father, their team leader and a fire fighter in the reservation fire department, told me about the difficulties the boys faced on the reservation, where many of the young people turn to alcohol and drugs early in their lives because of poor role models and because there are few positive things for young people to do on the reservation. Его отец, руководитель их группы и пожарник в отделении пожарной охраны резервации, рассказал мне о трудностях, с которыми сталкиваются мальчики в резервации, где молодежь легко попадает под влияние алкоголя и наркотиков с ранних лет, подражая взрослым, не находя других способов проводить время.

He had had the opportunity to be involved in a cadet team when he was young, and it had changed his life. His hope was that these boys-and hopefully many more if they could get funding- would see and experience things while cadets that would give them focus in their lives, and perhaps keep them from turning to drugs and alcohol. Когда он был молод, ему посчастливилось стать одним из кадетов, и это изменило его жизнь. Он надеется, что эти мальчики, как и многие другие, если организация получит достаточное обеспечение, во время кадетства пройдут через вещи, которые помогут им обрести цель в жизни и уберегут от алкоголя и наркотиков.  

Freeway sign

As the little group walked away, the son thanked me and wished me a nice day. A good man, his father took them up and paid for the clothing with his own money- determined to do whatever it took to give these boys a chance to be successful. I did not have the opportunity to take a photograph of this small group and I wish I had had the opportunity- they epitomized all that was good and hopeful for our neighbors on the reservation. Настало время прощаться с маленькой группой, сын отблагодарил меня  и пожелал мне хорошего дня. Уходя, его отец, хороший человек, заплатил за одежду из собственного кошелька – он был готов пойти на всё, чтобы дать этим мальчикам шанс стать успешными в жизни. Жаль, что я не смогла сфотографировать эту маленькую группу, они – квинтэссенция  всего хорошего и вселяющего надежду, что есть у наших соседей в резервации.


images Fort Hall Police
Fort Hall Policeman on Duty


Read More about the Shoshone Bannock Tribes: Узнать больше об индейцах племени Шошони-Баннок: прочитайте больше

images reservation view
The Town of Fort Hall
images Justice Center
The Fort Hall Justice Center









What do you think of this man, this father who is willing to give his time and money to help youth? Did you experience the good influence of an adult that made a difference in your life, when you were a teenager?  Что вы думаете об этом человеке? Об отце, который не жалеет времени и денег, чтобы помочь молодёжи? Был ли у вас такой случай, когда взрослый человек изменил вашу жизнь в лучшую сторону, когда вы были в подростковом возрасте?

The Privilege of Abundance

The Privilege of Abundance

Ajak Magot is a student at ISU- Idaho State University,  in Pocatello, Idaho. He came to the USA as a refugee from Africa. Our local newspaper, The Idaho State Journal, has an article in it today that talks about Ajak’s experience with food. Аджак Магот – студент Университета Штата Айдахо в Покателло. Он приехал в США, как беженец из Африки. Наша местная газета  Газета Штата Айдахо напечатала статью в сегодняшняшнем номере, в которой говорится об опыте Аджака с едой.


He said that while he was a refugee in Africa, the United Nations (UN) gave his family a 45-kilogram bag of food that had to last a month. It was not enough for the family so they ate once each day, at noon. He now lives in the dormitory on the campus of ISU, and eats in Turner Hall: an all-you-can-eat campus cafeteria for students. He explained that he sometimes feels guilty as he looks at his abundant food when he remembers those that do not have enough to eat.Он сказал, что когда он был беженцем в Африке, Объединенные Нации дали его семье 45ти килограммовый мешок еды, которого хватило на месяц. Этого было не достаточно для его семьи, поэтому они ели только раз в день в обед. Сейчас он живет в общежитии университетского городка и кушает в кафетерии университета по программе для студентов, где можно есть в неограниченном количестве.Он объясняет, что иногда ему стыдно, когда он смотрит на изобилие еды, и думает о тех, кому не хватает еды.allyoucaneatstory

I was thinking about that article this afternoon as I sat down to my lunch. I often forget to be grateful for all the privileges and abundance that we have.  Я думала об этой статье сегодня, когда я садилась за стол обедать. Я часто забываю быть благодарной за все привилегии и изобилие, которое у меня есть. Lunch Today: Avocado sandwich and soup

Although there are times when I worry about money and wish I could afford one thing or another, in my 57 years of life I have never gone hungry, nor worried about where my next meal would come from. I have never gone without a home or a comfortable bed to sleep in. I have never been without a job when I needed one, and I have always had what I needed (although not always what I wanted). My family is healthy and safe. According to a news article that I read last week, even with the little that I have, I am better off financially than 90% of the world.  И хотя иногда я переживаю о деньгах и хочу позволить себе купить одну вещь или другую, за 57 лет моей жизни я никогда не ходила голодной, и никогда не переживала от том откуда появится следующая порция еды. Я никогда не была без дома или удобной кровати. Я никогда не была без работы, когда она мне была нужна, и у меня всегда было то, что мне было нужно (хотя не всегда что я бы хотела). Моя семья здорова и в безопасности. Согласно той статье, которую я прочитала на прошлой неделе, даже с тем малым, что есть у меня, я нахожусь в на много более выгодном положении финансово, чем 90% людей в мире.

My ‘wealth’ is a combination of genetics, family background, good fortune, attitude, and blessings. Along with my attitude-of-gratitude for my many blessings, I have an obligation to pass them along whenever I can.  “Where much is given, much is expected.”   Мое “богатство” – это смесь гинетики, положения моей семьи, удачи, отношения к этому и благословений. Вместе с моей благодарностью за все многочисленные благословения у меня есть обязанность передавать их дальше всегда когда возможно. “Кому много дано, от того многое ожидается”. BecauseihavebeengivenmuchItoomustgive

Saying “Thank you” is good. Passing compassion and blessings along is so much better. My goal is to make life better for at least one person every day. Горовить “спасибо” – хорошо. А передавать сострадание и благословения дальше, на много лучше. Моя цель – это сделать жизнь лучше хотя бы для одного человека каждый день.



What do you do to make things better for others? Have you ever been in a situation where you had an abundance and felt guilty for not sharing it?

I stop for lemonade and fuzzies!

I stop for lemonade and fuzzies!

Fuzzies for sale!
Fuzzies for sale!

July 2013…


Driving through Inkom today, I came across a little lemonade stand by the side of the road manned by 4 small children. One was holding a sign that said “Fuzzies for Sale!”  I did not know what a ‘fuzzy’ was, but I have a personal commitment to never pass a lemonade stand without stopping and supporting the enterprising children who set it up. There are many children who believe that money grows in a parent’s pocket. The children who learn early that hard work and creativity helps them to reach their financial goals are much better prepared for the reality in the future that they need to earn what they want, and not expect it to be given to them.

Сегодня проезжая по Инкому я натолкнулась на столик у дороги с лимонадом, которым заправляли четверо маленьких детей. Один держал знак, на котором было написано “Пушистики на продаже!”. Я не знала, что такое пушистики, но я давно приняла решение никогда не проходить мимо столика, где дети продают лимонад, а остановиться и поддержать юных бизнесменов. Есть много детей, которые верят, что деньги растут в карманах родителей. Но дети, которые рано научатся тому, что тяжелый труд и изобретательность помогает им достичь их финансовых целей, намного лучше подготовлены к будущей реальности, где им нужно зарабатывать то, что они хотят иметь и не ожидать что им дадут то, что они хотят.

This little stand in  Inkom was stocked with lemonade, cupcakes- and ‘fuzzies’. It turns out th20130812_174856at their ‘fuzzies’ were not edible treats, but little yarn balls made with creativity by one of the littlest children. I purchased two of the little balls for my cats as well as several cupcakes to support their entrepreneurial efforts.

Этот маленький столик был наполнен лимонадомб пирожеными и “пушистиками”. Оказалось, что их “пушистики” это не съедобные угошения, но маленьк20130812_174937ие шарики из пряжи, сделанные с изобретательностью одним из тех детей. Я купила два шарика и несколько пироженых, чтоб поддержать их юные предпринимательские усилия.

As I was walking back to my car, along came a group of older boys attempting to hustle the girls: “I’m REALLY thirsty! I don’t have any money with me, but how about if I get a glass of lemonade and  I’ll bring you some money later?”   I waited to find out how the little girls were going to handle this- it takes guts to stand up to a gang of big boys and I was ready to step in if it looked like the boys were going to take advantage of the younger children.

I needn’t have worried:  the girls stood up to them, a little shy but with a very firm “No! You get the money first.”

Yeah, girls!

Пока я возвращалась назад к моей машине, приблизилась группа мальчишек по старше, которые хотели попытаться быть наглыми: “Мне так хочется пить! Но у меня нет денег с собой, как насчет того, чтоб я попил сейчас, а деньги я принесу позже?” Я подождала, чтоб узнать, как маленькие девочки собирались справиться с этой ситуацией (нужны нервы, чтоб противостоять банде мальчишек по старше) и собиралась вступиться, если бы было видно, что старшие ребята собирались воспользоваться преиумуществом того, что девочки были маленькие. Мне не нужно было об этом переживать – девечки противостояли им, хотя немного с робостью, но твердо: “Нет! Ты сначала приноси деньги!” Так вот!


The lemonade stand is a 140 year old traditional money-making activity for young children throughout America. An enterprising child, or a group of little friends will borrow a small table from the house and print a sign reading “Lemonade 50 Cents”.  A cooperative mother will help them mix up a batch of lemonade (fresh-squeezed lemons, sugar and water, or perhaps just some powdered drink mix) -and perhaps some cookies if  Mom is being extra supportive- and set up business outside the house on a hot summer day selling cups of lemonade to passersby. One of the earliest lemonade stands was operated by little Edward Bok from 1873 to 1876. He was ten years old when he began selling ice water for a penny to passengers in horse drawn carts who stopped to allow their horses water. Other boys soon began copying Bok’s i20140810_142032dea and stealing his business, so he made lemonade and sold it for three cents a glass instead.

Столик с лимонадом это старая традиция в Америке, которой уже 140 лет, которая помогает маленьким детям заработать деньги. Предпринимательный ребенок или группа меленьких друзей выносит из дома маленький стол и печатают знак “Лимонад – 50 центов”. Поддерживающая мама помогает им сделать лимонад (свежевыжатые лимоны, сахар и вода, или возможно просто разведенный напиток из порошка) и может немного печенья (если мама особенно поддерживающая) и устанавливают их бизнес на тротуаре возле их дома в жаркий день, где они продают стаканы лимонада прохожим. Один из самых ранних лимонадных столиков начал маленький Эдвард Бок с 1873 по 1876ю Ему было 10 лет, когда он начала продавать ледяную воду за пенни пассажирам делижансов, которые останавливались, чтоб дать лошадам напиться. Другие ребята вскоре начали копировать идею Эдварда и украли его бизнес, поэтому он начал делать лимонад и продавать его по 3 цента за стакан.

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