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The author of this blog is LDS-otherwise known as ‘Mormon’. The Church of Latter Day Saints (LDS) is similar to many Christian religions, but differs on some points of doctrine. Learn what makes a ‘Mormon’ tick in these posts about Mormon life.


Who is Jesus Christ?

On the title page of the Book of Mormon, Moroni says that the purpose of the book is to convince the Jews and the Gentiles that Jesus is the Christ. So just who IS...


Я Мормонка

Я выросла в семье, посещающей Пресвитерианскую и Конгрегационалистскую церкви. Мне нравилось в подростковом возрасте – все друзья посещали ту же церковь и у нас были веселые мероприятия. Я верила в Бога всю мою жизнь,...


I am a ‘Mormon’

Прочитайте это в русском языке I grew up in a family that occasionally went to the Presbyterian and Congregational church. I enjoyed it as a youth- most of my friends went to the same church,...