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People around the world have ideas about life in the USA based mainly on news reports and television. Culture, family life, working life, religion, morality and social matters are quite different than what is portrayed in movies and in the media. These posts show what life is like in the US.


Посмотри вверх!

Скорее! Ответь, не задумываясь, какое сейчас небо? А облака? Я спросила это у 10 человек, и только один ответил, что смотрел сегодня на небо. Небо успокаивает душу, но лишь немногие это понимают. Ну же,...


Get the heck out and VOTE!

C’mon, people- Forget Trump and Clinton. One of them is going to be in the White House, so WHO is going to keep them under control? Remember your high school government class- there are...


Who is Jesus Christ?

On the title page of the Book of Mormon, Moroni says that the purpose of the book is to convince the Jews and the Gentiles that Jesus is the Christ. So just who IS...

Smithsonian Article 1984 0

For Spacious Skies and Smithsonian

An article written in the Smithsonian Magazine, by the Smithsonian Institution, in 1994. Featuring For Spacious Skies and it’s founder, Jack Borden. Would you like to know more about For Spacious Skies? Click here...