About Me

Me, Myself and I

I love my family and my faith- and I cherish the sky, chocolate,  and talking to random people.  I am really into  rhubarb.  I believe in learning until the day I die. I am studying social media marketing at BYUI. I am a wife, mom, grandma, and friend. I am a Mormon.


We are of the fortunate 20% of Americans that live in a rural setting. Surrounded by mountains, bird song and neighbors who can be called upon whenever we need help, it is a little bit of peace in this big world.
Our home and the hills around us

Why, you may ask, are some of the pages in Russian? The answer is that I have Russian friends. I believe that peace will only arrive when the people of the world understand each other. This is my small service to help people in other parts of the world understand what being an American is like.

Our cultures are different, our skins and bone structure may be different, but our hearts beat the same and we are all brothers and sisters with the same Heavenly Father.