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Judging Others is Wrong, Wrong, Wrong

I had been feeling exhausted and unhealthy for nearly a year and it was getting worse so I finally went in for a check up.  I was told by the PA (my doctor was...


Посмотри вверх!

Скорее! Ответь, не задумываясь, какое сейчас небо? А облака? Я спросила это у 10 человек, и только один ответил, что смотрел сегодня на небо. Небо успокаивает душу, но лишь немногие это понимают. Ну же,...


The Secret of Success

In 2010, the private school in which I had taught for 9 years abruptly closed. I loved my job and couldn’t imagine doing anything else. Along with my job, I lost insurance and security....


Get the heck out and VOTE!

C’mon, people- Forget Trump and Clinton. One of them is going to be in the White House, so WHO is going to keep them under control? Remember your high school government class- there are...


The Pathway Home

The Pathway Back Home I just returned from a Stake Baptism*, mostly relieved that everything had gone well for the 3 children that were excited about this special day, but also with a new...